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Welcome to the Fly Shop at Tampa Fishing Outfitters. We pride ourselves in offering the largest selection, best prices, and best service for fly fishing gear in Tampa Bay. Come check out our selection of fly gear, apparel, and accessories, or just come hang out and talk fishing.

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FittedToFish Episode 13 (How To Manage Your Fly Line Like A Pro)

In this episode of FittedToFish, we're going to show you guys some of the best tactics to use when trying to manage your fly line on the water. Not only are we going to explain the techniques to use but will also be explaining the products that you should look at investing in as well.

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FittedToFish Episode 24 Best Fly's To Use When Targeting Bass

In this episode of FittedToFish we're going to be covering some of the best Fly's to use when targeting bass! Bass fishing in Florida is a hot topic especially in the summer months so many of these fly's will help on your next trip out.

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Best All Around Fly When Fishing Saltwater

In this episode of FittedToFish, Captain Keaton Anderson will be showing you his all-time favorite fly when targeting game species in the saltwater.

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How To Tie Baitfish Pattern Flies

In this episode of FittedToFish, we're going to be showing you how to tie a baitfish pattern flies that will be effective in both saltwater and freshwater.

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