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June Recap

Blog 6/29/2019

What’s up everyone, hope you all had a great June. As expected, the tarpon bite was hot, as

with the weather. Tarpon is all we have focused on here at FLYTFO since they showed up. We had a lot of success at the typical hot spots. Many hours were spent on the beaches and passes with sightings of large numbers of fish each day. The biggest challenge was the west wind we had this month. It caused for some frustrating conditions and some stressful days out on the water. The weather had a big influence on the water clarity as it turned it up a little bit. This cloudy water kept us to sticking with darker patterns like black and purple, or browns and olives. Even if we didn’t hook every fish, we at least had some good follows when otherwise would have been very challenging in the conditions.

Going into July we hope we can get some predictable wind and weather patterns. Keep in mind that the wind will often transition from morning to afternoon so be prepared to select your locations accordingly. If you can’t get out there for tarpon, keep in mind there are a lot of snook on the beaches right now. We are also seeing more and more mackeral as well as big schools of jacks. This is a very productive time of the year for many species, so don’t limit yourself. Get out there and fish. If you have

any questions or just want to talk fishing be sure to stop by the shop. Good luck everyone.

Captain Keaton Anderson

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